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Good and proper dental / Oral Hygiene is so important for both dental health and overall well-being. When we say good oral hygiene, this includes regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups. These help to prevent common dental issues such as cavities, gum diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis), and the most feared in society BAD BREATH! (I mean, if you’re not going to take care of yourself for your sake then at least do it for us!)TCH-Bad Breath Illustration Treatment for these problems can be painful, costly and could lead to serious health issues if left untreated. WHAT THEN IS A FEASIBLE SOLUTION? It’s simple, adopting habits such as flossing, brushing, and regular visits to the dentists, especially in children. Teach and encourage your children to observe proper dental hygiene daily. Tips on how to keep your teeth healthy:
  1. Brushing regularly: I’m sure you are familiar with brushing but how well do we brush our teeth? The regular back and forth brushing should be avoided, instead, Brushing should be done in a circular motion in order to reach every corner of the mouth, effective brushing of the teeth takes about 3 minutes. Brushing aggressively (the way every typical Nigerian does) can damage the gums and lead to infections. A change of toothbrushes every three months as well as using soft toothbrushes. (Please brush gently, you’re not fighting with your teeth).
  2. Flossing: Now, i understand this may seem like a minor hassle but it helps in removing plaque from between teeth (which prevents bad breath), helps to prevent cavities and promote gum health. The best way to floss is to move the floss between the teeth and gumline, moving the floss in an up and down motion only causes pain.
  3. Avoid smoking: Smoking affects the gums and causes slow dental healing processes, leading to bad breath.
  4. Avoid too many sweets: Most sugary drinks and sweets contain acid that can promote tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, tooth loss and infections. Avoiding excessive consumption of sweets can improve your overall health besides dental.
  5. Visit the dentist: It is not enough to know how to properly take care of your teeth, Regular visits to the dentist can help to prevent dental problems, promote confidence and wellbeing. By visiting the dentist, you can enjoy a healthier smile and a better quality of life.

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